Strike King Pro-Model Series 4S 6pk

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Each bait in Strike King's Pro-Model Crankbait Series is designed to perform a specific task. The Pro-Model Series 4 and 4S Crankbaits dominate shallow to medium deep, stained water with their wide wobble design, free-floating rattles, chip-resistant finishes and lifelike 3-D eyes.The Pro-Model 4S is designed with a square bill which lets it crawl through all types of thick, shallow cover.HC4S- 9/16 oz. Dives 2'-5'.
  • Reflective 3-D eyes
  • Chip-resistant finishes
  • Free-floating rattles
  • Tight wiggling action
  • Shallow to medium deep water dominators
  • All Strike King hard baits are made with the best components availabl